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Length: 20 minutes (15 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion)
Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (a version compatible with Office 2003 and Windows XP)
Uploading time: uploading talks from a USB stick or CD is suggested to be completed on the day prior to the talk at the speakers’ room.
Late speakers can upload their files directly in the lecture room latest 20 minutes before the start of the session. (A technician will be present in the room.)
For safety reasons presentations can also be sent prior to the conference to the e-mail address

With any special questions concerning the information technology points of the ORAL presentations please contact Dr. György A. Lovas, IT manager of the Oral sessions (e-mail:, as soon as possible, but not later than August 31, 2009.
Notes (oral presentations):

1) Presentations containing special features (movies, animations etc.) should be checked due time prior to the session (possibly by in-advance submission and/or immediate checking on registration).
2) Speakers wishing to present their talks from their own Apple Computer should ensure that their machine has got the appropriate VGA connector and it will work appropriately with the data projector at the conference site.
3) Unless special technical conditions require, it is not possible to present talks using a speaker’s PC laptop, as this disrupts the smooth running of the session.


Posters must be no larger than 1 m wide x 2 m high.
Pins to attach each poster to the board will be supplied.
Posters will be on display during the whole conference.
Poster put up: Posters can be put up on the assigned board during the registration period: Monday, 1 pm – 9 pm; Tuesday 8 am – 8.45 am.
Poster removal: Thursday 16.50 – 18.00
Board numbers for each presentation will be shown in the program. Posters will be arranged by sessions.
All breaks and the two dedicated poster sessions can be used for poster discussion.

With any special problems concerning the POSTER presentations (e.g. poster of different size already prepared; desk for samples/laptop connected to the poster needed etc.) please contact Ms. Katalin Zs. Szabó, Poster Session Co-ordinator (e-mail:, as soon as possible, but not later than August 31, 2009.

We hereby offer you the possibility to print your poster locally, so that you do not have to be bothered with the production and transportation of your poster.

Price: 35 €/poster, including VAT

To take advantage of this service you should comply with the following terms:

1. You should be a registered participant
2. You should have an accepted poster presentation

The process of the service is as follows:

1. Order the service by e-mail (at latest until 31 August) and send your poster file to this address (If your prepress file is too large please contact the same address, we will help with another technical solution)
2. You HAVE TO receive a confirmation about the file quality from the organisers
3. Payment
5. Confirmation on the payment and completeition of your poster
6. Pick up your poster at the registration desk of the conference

Payment method: Advanced payment is necessary to print out your poster. It can be made by bank transfer or credit card.