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List of accepted presentations

ORAL ARMBRUSTER, Thomas Magnesium phosphates: From molecular structures to strongly condensed minerals
ORAL DÓDONY, István Cation ordering in silicates as shown by electron crystallography
ORAL LUTTGE, Andreas Contours of a new theory on crystal dissolution
ORAL ROBERT, JEAN-LOUIS Crystal chemistry of light elements in major rock-forming minerals
ORAL STALDER, Roland Hydrous defects in pyroxenes

ORAL PÓSFAI, Mihály Biominerals

presenting author title of the presentation
ORAL BAČÍK, Peter Mukhinite, "tawmawite" and dissakisite: Crystal chemistry of the V-, Cr- and REE-rich epidote-group minerals
ORAL CHUDÍK, Peter Nb-Ta oxide minerals from the Jezuitské Lesy granitic pegmatite, Bratislava Massif, Western Carpathians, Slovakia: Compositional variations and evolution
ORAL ÇINA, Aleksander Ni-rich cobaltite-nickeline and cobaltite-alloclasite assemblages from ophiolite complex of Albania
ORAL ERTL, Andreas The schorl-elbaite solid solution and useful correlations
ORAL JÁGER, Viktor Lower Cretaceous continental rift-type black smoker system in the East Mecsek Mts.
ORAL KRISTÁLY, Ferenc Regional distribution of As-minerals in the Neogene volcanic arc - Cretaceous flysch boundary in the Romanian East Carpathians
ORAL NASDALA, Lutz Irradiation-Damage in Monazite: A Raman Study of Au-Irradiated FIB Foils
ORAL ONDREJKA, Martin Sulfur in monazite: a "clinoanhydrite" substitution mechanism in natural occurrences and their genetic significance
ORAL UHER, Pavel Accessory rare-element (REE, Y, Zr, Th, Nb, Ta) minerals of the Turčok A-type metagranite, Gemeric Unit, Slovakia: Tracers of magmatic to metamorphic evolution
POSTER ATANASSOVA, Radostina G. Natural dissolution features of sulphides from Madan Pb-Zn ore deposits, South Bulgaria
POSTER BATKI, Anikó Calcic to sodic-calcic amphiboles of lamprophyres from the Ditrău Alkaline Massif
POSTER DRÁBEK, Milan The Fe-Mo-Nb-S system: Phase relations of edgarite
POSTER GRECHANOVSKAYA, Elena E. Structural state and genesis of adularia from ignimbrites of Sokyrnitsya deposit (Transcarpathians, Ukraine)
POSTER IONESCU, Corina New data on the Sopot chondritic meteorite (Romania): Comparative electron microprobe and Raman study
POSTER KÓNYA, Péter New cavity filling zeolites from the basalts of the Bakony-Balaton Highland Volcanic Field (Western Hungary)
POSTER KOVÁCS-PÁLFFY, Péter Re-examination of "monsmedite" from the type locality, Baia Sprie, Baia Mare District (Romania)
POSTER MENYHÁRT, Adrienn New mineralogical data from the environment of Mád, Tokaj Mts., Hungary
POSTER MESIARKINOVÁ, Martina Study of hydrothermal SiO2 mineralization on the locality Ąubietová - Jameąná (Slovakia)
POSTER MIRON, Dan G. Zeolite mineralization in the Jurassic island arc volcanics from South Apuseni Mountains
POSTER MIRWALD, Peter P-T-stability of silver oxalate and the melting curve of CO2
POSTER NASDALA, Lutz Photoluminescence emission of Rare Earth Elements in natural monazite and synthetic orthophosphates
POSTER RUSCHEL, Katja Effect of fluid-driven chemical alteration on radiation-damaged fergusonite
POSTER TROPPER, Peter The most P-rich olivine on Earth so far: The formation of extremely phosphorous olivine in prehistoric burning slags from the Goldbichl, Igls (Tyrol, Austria)
POSTER TROPPER, Peter Biotite und apatite compositions as petrogenetic indicators in magmatic rocks from the Athesian Volcanic Group (South Tyrol, Italy)
POSTER VÁCZI, Tamás Decomposition textures after dry thermal annealing of zircon

presentation type presenting author title of the presentation
ORAL AMTHAUER, Georg Electronic and magnetic structure of pyroxenes I. Hedenbergite
ORAL ARROYABE, Erik K2Ca4Si8O21 - An unusual layer silicate containing Q2 and Q3 units
ORAL MILETICH, Ronald Heavy-ion irradiation and its consequence on the elastic properties of cordierite
ORAL TALLA, Dominik Traces of structural H2O molecules in barite
POSTER BOTTA, Claudio Structural investigations on a sulphate apatite
POSTER GIESTER, Gerald Crystal structure of nanlingite - The first mineral with a [Fe(AsO3)6] configuration
POSTER KOLITSCH, Uwe An orthorhombic dimorph of barstowite, Pb4Cl6(CO3).H2O, from slags at Maria Waitschach, Austria, and Lavrion, Greece
POSTER NYÍRŐ-KÓSA, Ilona Structures and compositions of maghemite nanoparticles
POSTER ORBÁN, Richárd Kaolinite polytypes
POSTER PEKKER, Péter TEM study of amorphous iron oxide precipitates from the Mátraszentimre Pb-Zn ore mine, Mátra Mts., Hungary
POSTER PRISTACZ, Helmut Crystal structure of CaSeO4 and its relationship to anhydrite
POSTER SAGL, Raffaela High-pressure behaviour of realgar
POSTER TILLMANNS, Ekkehart Flux growth and topologies of three new complex silicates of gadolinium

presentation type presenting author title of the presentation
ORAL BROSKA, Igor Fe-Ti oxides of West Carpathian granitoids: Indicators of mixing processes and a tool for regional granite mapping
ORAL BRUAND, Emilie Pseudosection modelling of a low-Mg eclogite from the type locality (Koralpe, Eastern Alps)
ORAL BUDA, György Two main types of Variscan granitoids in the Tisia Composite Terrane (Hungary)
ORAL COBAN, Hakan Quartz-bearing basalts from Karadag stratovolcano, Central Anatolian extensional setting: Oxygen isotopic evidence for crustal contamination
ORAL DÉGI, Júlia Crustal thickening during the Alpine orogeny: Insights from mafic granulite xenoliths of the Pannonian Basin
ORAL JANKOVICS, Éva An insight in the depth: Petrogenesis of the basalt of the Füzes-tó scoria cone
ORAL KISS, Balázs Magma chamber processes and magma ascent rate beneath the Ciomadul Mic (Kis-Csomád) lava dome
ORAL KLÖTZLI, Urs S. Depicting time scales in the formation of the lower continental crust of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone (North Italy)
ORAL KOLLER, Friedrich Contrasting mantle section in Albanian ophiolites: Evidences from mineral and bulk rock composition
ORAL KURT, Hüseyin Petrogenesis of the Üçkapili granitoid and its mafic enclaves in Elmali area (Nigde, Central Anatolia)
ORAL MOAZZEN, Mohssen Mineralogy and geochemistry of metabasic rocks from the Khoy area, NW Iran
ORAL NÉMETH, Bianca Mid-crustal felsic granulite xenoliths from the Western Pannonian Basin (Beistein, Austria)
ORAL PETRÍK, Igor Rare phosphates from a Li-F-P granite (Gemeric Unit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
ORAL PRECHTEL, Felix Defect distribution in orthopyroxene at elevated pressures
ORAL PUHR, Barbara Petrology of metacarbonate rocks of the Austroalpine Basement east of the Tauern Window (Austria)
ORAL SHAFAII MOGHADAM, Hadi Post-collisional calc-alkaline to shoshonitic volcanism in NW of Iran: Constraints from geochemistry and petrogenesis
ORAL TROPPER, Peter Salt matters: Experimental investigations of the transformation of high-grade metapelites and granites to eclogites and the role of brines in subduction zone processes
POSTER ABU-ALAM, Tamer Sabry The MBC(1.7): A Visual Basic program to calculate bulk composition of rocks from chemistry and the volume proportions of the phases
POSTER ABU-ALAM, Tamer Sabry Fluid infiltration and metasomatism processes in Wadi Solaf calc-silicate, Egypt
POSTER ABU-ALAM, Tamer Sabry The Feiran metamorphic complex of Sinai: Its relationship to the core complexes of the Arabian Nubian Shield
POSTER COBAN, Hakan Oxygen and strontium isotopic evidence for the effect of carbonate metasomatism on the genesis of inner Isparta angle potassic volcanism, SW Anatolia
POSTER ČOPJAKOVÁ, Renata Clasts of Variscan rocks within the Kořenec and Račice conglomerates (Rhenohercynicum, Bohemian Massif), Th-U-total Pb evidence from an electron microprobe monazite study
POSTER GHORBANI, Ghasem Geochemistry of Paleozoic basaltic rocks from north of Shahrood, N Iran
POSTER HAUZENBERGER, Christoph A. New U-Pb zircon age constraints on the magmatic and metamorphic evolution of granulite facies basement rock from Southern Tanzania
POSTER HIDAS, Károly Petrologic and geochemical study on sulfide melt inclusions hosted by upper mantle xenoliths from alkali lamprophyres (Tuva, S Siberia, Russia)
POSTER HOLZMANN, Jan Petrology of the contact between the lithologies of the Pb-Zn ore deposits Pflersch Valley - Schneeberg (South Tyrol, Italy) and its polymetamorphic host rocks
POSTER KONRAD, Lukas Petrology and geochemistry of mantle xenoliths from Lethlakane, Botswana and from Kimberley area, South Africa
POSTER KOZLIK, Michael Titanite zoning as a recorder of the metamorphic evolution of metacarbonates from the central Oetztal Complex (North Tyrol, Austria)
POSTER KRENN, Kurt HP-fluid inclusions in tourmaline, apatite and quartz from eclogites of the Austroalpine Polinik Complex (Kreuzeck Mountains, Eastern Alps)
POSTER MELNIKOV, Vladimir S. Immiscibility in rhyolite-dacitic magma fixed in ignimbrites of Sokyrnitsya deposit (Transcarpathians, Ukraine)
POSTER MOLNÁR, Ferenc Partial melting and melt segregation in footwall units within the contact aureole of the Sudbury Igneous Complex (North and East Ranges, Sudbury structure, Ontario, Canada)
POSTER NANTASIN, Prayath Petrography and mineral chemistry of the Thab Sila Gneiss, Kanchanaburi Province, Western Thailand
POSTER NÉDLI, Zsuzsanna Evolution of the pre-Neogene subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath the Poiana Ruscă Mts. (W Romania)
POSTER PINTÉR, Zsanett Petrographic and fluid inclusion study of upper mantle xenoliths from the Cameroon volcanic line
POSTER ROFNER, Verena The petrology of an amphibolite-metagabbro complex and hornfelses from the Southalpine basement in the northern Eisack Valley (Gufidaun, South Tyrol, Italy)
POSTER SCHEIPL, Gregor New geochronological data from rocks of the Bulgarian Rhodope
POSTER STEIDL, Magdalena Petrology of metapelites from the Michelbach Complex (Defereggen Complex, Eastern Tyrol)
POSTER STÖBICH, Eva The search for Early Variscan high-P metamorphism in the Moldanubian: Thermobarometry of granulites from the Bavarian Forest, Southern Bohemian Massif, Bavaria
POSTER SZABÓ, Ábel Metasomatic imprints below the Eastern Transylvanian Basin - amphiboles in the upper mantle xenoliths
POSTER TAFERNER, Harald Occurrence of chrome-kyanite in eclogites from Pohorje, Slovenia
POSTER TRIBUS, Martina Apatite as a monitor of trace element variations in a contact aureole: Combining experimental and petrological investigations from the Brixen granite contact aureole
POSTER TROPPER, Peter Solubility of accessory minerals (CePO4, YPO4) in H2O, H2O-NaCl and H2O-NaF at 800 °C and 1 GPa: implications for REE transport during high-grade metamorphism
POSTER TROPPER, Peter Petrological investigations of contact metamorphic monticellite and clintonite-bearing skarns from the Cima di Miniera (South Tyrol, Italy)
POSTER TROPPER, Peter Petrological investigations of Ti-phase relations in the metarodingites of Burgum, Pfitsch Valley (South Tyrol, Italy)
POSTER TROPPER, Peter The metamorphic evolution and thermobarometry of amphibolites from the Pflersch-metadiorite complex (Pflersch valley, South Tyrol, Italy)
POSTER VETLÉNYI, Enikő Study of silicate melt inclusions in olivine and spinel phenocrysts in alkaline basalt from Daljeon-Ri (Pohang, Central Korea)

presentation type presenting author title of the presentation
ORAL BEQIRAJ, Arjan Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Bulqiza peridotites
ORAL DEMÉNY, Attila Hydrogen isotope compositions of hydrous components in carbonado diamond
ORAL GÖD, Richard On the geochemistry and mineralogy of phyllite-hosted tourmalinites – Eastern Alps
ORAL HÖLLEN, Daniel Formation of amorphous silica and polymeric silicic acids by cylic freezing in various aqueous solutions
ORAL KARAOGLAN, Fatih Geochronology and isotope geochemistry of the ophiolites and granitoids along the southeast Anatolian orogenic belt
ORAL KISS, Gabriella Neotethyan advanced rifting stage peperitic basaltic volcanism in the Dinarides and Hellenides
ORAL KLÉBESZ, Rita Comparison of the Hungarian ultrapotassic rocks based on mineral chemistry and textural characteristics
ORAL SÁGI, Tamás Putikov Vŕąok, the youngest basaltic volcano of the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
ORAL VETŐ, István Association of H2S - ankerite - late pyrite suggests active thermochemical sulphate reduction below 5 km in the Pannonian Basin, SE Hungary
POSTER AIGLSPERGER, Thomas Titanite-bearing pegmatites from Arkaroola, South Australia
POSTER ATRSAEI, Parastoo A genetic model for banded magnetite-barite deposits in Mooteh area, West-Central Iran
POSTER BONDAR, Roman Peculiarities of the gaseous phase of the mineral forming fluids of metamorphic rocks of the Berlebash suite of Marmarosh massif, Ukrainian Carpathians, according to fluid inclusion studies
POSTER BONDAR, Roman Hydrocarbon volatile components of fluid inclusions in hydrothermal minerals of the Trostyanets volcanogenic complex (Ukrainian Carpathians)
POSTER DOLNIČEK, Zdeněk Post-magmatic hydrothermal alteration of igneous rocks of teschenite association (Silesian Unit, Outer Western Carpathians): Evidence from associated fracture and amygdule mineralization
POSTER DOPPLER, Gerald Trace elements in gem corundum (ruby)
POSTER KÁRMÁN, Krisztina Stable isotopes and hydrogeochemical parameters in a riverbank filtration system (Szentendre Island, Hungary)
POSTER KRIBITZ, Gerald A. Fluids in sulfide-bearing skarns, Carles (NW Spain)
POSTER MATVIYISHYN, Zoryana Typomorphic peculiarities of fluid inclusions of gold-bearing parageneses of ore stockwork bodies of Beregovo ore field (Transcarpathia)
POSTER MIRWALD, Peter W. Comparison of the thermal expansion behaviour of ice and the related high pressure phase topology of H2O
POSTER NIEDERMAYR, Andrea Magnesium and strontium incorporation and calcium isotopic fractionation during calcium carbonate formation at low temperatures (5 to 40 °C)
POSTER PAUSCH, Martin Liquid membrane permeation with support layers in heavy metal recycling
POSTER POBEREZHSKYY, Andriy A contribution to the regularities of alterations of chemical sedimentation in the Badenian evaporite basin of Precarpathia
POSTER STUPKA, Oksana Ophiolites of the Ukrainian Carpathians – New insights into the problem
POSTER SZABÓ, Zsuzsanna Comparison of two radon and thoron mapping methods
POSTER VÖLGYESI, Péter Radiometric measurements on fly ash and slag bearing building materials - A Hungarian case study
POSTER ZAHARIA, Luminiţa Geochemical characteristics of Ielova gneisses (South Carpathians, Romania)
POSTER ZEIRINGER, Isabella Activity and nature of skarn-building fluids in the metamorphic complex of the Lys-Caillaouas Massif (Central Pyrenees)

presentation type presenting author title of the presentation
ORAL AIGLSPERGER, Thomas First discovery of platinum group minerals in Costa Rica
ORAL AZIM ZADEH, Amir Morteza The Hohentauern/Sunk deposit - A key for unravelling sparry magnesite formation in the Graywacke Zone/Eastern Alps, Austria
ORAL FÖLDESSY, János MVT base metal mineralization in Rudabánya (NE Hungary) - Changes of genetic interpretation
ORAL GÁL, Benedek Magmatic vs. hydrothermal processes in the South Filson Creek mineralization, South Kawishiwi Intrusion, Duluth Complex
ORAL MOGESSIE, Aberra Mineral chemistry of platinum alloys from the historical placer deposits of Yubdo Complex, Ethiopia
POSTER AZIM ZADEH, Amir Morteza Investigation of platinum group minerals (PGM) in chromite of Iran (Khoy Ophiolite) using electron microprobe
POSTER CORA, Ildikó Nano-sized mineralogy of a Toarcian manganese deposit (Úrkút, Hungary) and the importance of Mn3+ in its genesis
POSTER DIMITROVA, Dimitrina A. Minor and trace elements in some ore minerals from the Chiprovtsi ore district, Northwestern Bulgaria
POSTER KISS, Péter Hydrothermal alteration, fluid inclusion characteristics and K/Ar ages for the intrusive volcanic-hydrothermal system of the Zlatá Baňa Volcanic Edifice (Slanské vrchy Mts., Eastern Slovakia)
POSTER MAJZLAN, Juraj Ore mineralization at the Rabenstein occurrence near Banská Hodruąa, Slovakia
POSTER MOLNÁR, Ferenc Characterization of hydrothermal alteration assemblages of ‘low-sulphide’ Cu-Ni-PGE mineralization (Wisner area, Sudbury structure, Canada)
POSTER ONUZI, Kujtim Industrial minerals and rocks of Albania
POSTER SZABÓ, Csilla Mineralogy and origin of the Piskanja borate deposit (Jarandol Basin, Serbia)
POSTER TAGHIPOUR, Nader Fluid inclusion microthermometry at the Miduk Porphyry Copper Deposit, Kerman Province, Iran
POSTER TROPPER, Peter The intrusion related Cu-Fe-Zn-Pb-Ag deposits of the Pfunderer Berg (South Tyrol, Italy): Fahlore composition and T-fS2 conditions of formation
POSTER TROPPER, Peter Mineral chemistry and breakdown reaction of fahlore from Schwaz-Brixlegg (Tyrol, Austria)
POSTER VASSILEVA, Rossitsa D. Pre-ore stage in the Madan Pb-Zn deposits, South Bulgaria
POSTER VASSILEVA, Rossitsa D. Madan Pb-Zn sulphide deposits as part of the Alpine-Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaride Province

presentation type presenting author title of lecture
ORAL DIEKAMP, Anja The occurrence of magnesite and hydromagnesite in medieval dolomitic lime mortars
ORAL MITTERMAYR, Florian Concrete damaging processes from sulphate attack
POSTER APOSTOLAKI, Chryssa The use of natural hydraulic lime mortars in restoration; transformation processes of binder hydraulic components during rapid and slow air slaking
POSTER BEQIRAJ, Enkeleida Goga Textural features of zeolitic rocks from Munella, Northern Albania
POSTER PERFLER, Lukas Defects, complex layer structures and stress effects in synthetic diamond single crystals
POSTER POLGÁRI, Márta Morphological and mineralogical biosignatures from different paleoenvironments
POSTER REPOUSKOU, Eftychia Refractory bricks obtained from dunite rocks of Lesvos Island, Greece
POSTER STANIMIROVA, Tsveta Anion relationships of borate anions in hydrotalcite structure
POSTER SZABÓ, Bernadett The mineralogical investigation of hazardous wastes
POSTER WEISSENBACHER, Michael Synthetic ruby and cubic zircon dioxide: Surface modifications due to cutting, grinding and polishing

presentation type presenting author title of lecture
ORAL BOLANZ, Ralph Geohazards associated with brown coal mining in Central Slovakia
ORAL FARKAS, Izabella M. Mineralogy and chemical composition of metal mining waste dump samples
ORAL KAINDL, Reinhard Mineralogical investigations of airborne dust in Tyrol
ORAL KLIMKO, Tomáą Secondary Sb and Fe mineral phases as products of sulphide oxidation of tailings material at antimony deposits Dúbrava and Poproč (Slovakia)
ORAL ROSTÁSI, Ágnes Clay mineralogy of Carnian (Upper Triassic) pelagic successions from the Transdanubian Range (Hungary): Palaeoenvironmental consequences
ORAL VICZIÁN, István Teaching environmental clay mineralogy - Outlines of a university course
POSTER CIESIELCZUK, Justyna Mineral tranformations due to combustion metamorphism in a coal waste dump in Wojkowice, Upper Silesia, Poland
POSTER CSÁKBERÉNYI NAGY, Dorottya Crystallization and phase transition of mackinawite (FeS)
POSTER HOVORIČ, Róbert Sulphide oxidation of mine tailings sediments from abandoned Sb deposit Medzibrod (Nízke Tatry Mts., Slovakia)
POSTER MÁDAI, Ferenc ARD-screening of site rocks from the Rudabánya base metal mineralization (NE Hungary)
POSTER NAGY, Hedvig Éva Source study of an extremly high radon-anomaly area (S Hungary)
POSTER SIPOS, Péter Association of trace elements with Fe-rich nodules in an alluvial soil
POSTER SZABÓ, Katalin Zsuzsanna Relationship of radioactivity and geology in the Central Hungarian Region (Pest County)

presentation type presenting author title of lecture
ORAL IONESCU, Corina Pre- and post-firing minerals in ancient ceramics
POSTER KELEMEN, Éva A comparative archaeometric study on the building material of churches from the Árpád and Middle Ages of the Southern Great Hungarian Plain (Alföld)
POSTER KRISTÁLY, Ferenc New data for the Roman Ages settlement history of Miskolc: Archaeological and archaeometrical investigations
POSTER NAGY-KORODI, István Provenance studies of the building stones used for the Calvary Church (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
POSTER PAPP, Gábor Authentic (type and other original) specimens of minerals first described from the Carpathian region in the collection of the Natural History Museum, Vienna – A survey
POSTER PAPP, Gábor Zepharovich's studies at the Academy of Mining and Forestry, Banská ©tiavnica / Schemnitz / Selmecbánya
POSTER POP, Dana Electron microprobe data on Roșia Montană (Apuseni Mountains) gold: Towards a database for identifying ancient artefacts
POSTER STANIMIROVA, Tsveta Petrographic characteristics of the ceramics from the early mediaeval settlement in the vicinity of the Kapitan Andreevo Village, Svilengrad Municipality, South Bulgaria
POSTER SZINGER-SZILÁGYI, Vera First results on the archaeometric investigation of the Buda white ware (12th – 15th century, North Hungary)
POSTER THAMÓ-BOZSÓ, Edit Optically stimulated luminescence dating of sediments on archaeological sites
POSTER TROPPER, Peter Monitoring the high-T breakdown behaviour of chlorite and biotite ± quartz with high-T XRD and DTA/TG and its application to slags from prehistoric sacrificial burning sites
POSTER TROPPER, Peter Mineralogical and chemical investigations of slags from two prehistoric smelting sides at the Mitterberg area